Emergency plan for garbage collection

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An emergency plan for garbage collection in Panama City will be implemented to solve the problem seen in the streets of the capital said The Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre on Wednesday.

He said that he has already been talking with the Vice Minister of the Presidency, Carlos García, who in turn has been in contact with the representatives of the most affected districts.

The Urban and Home Cleaning Authority has been addressing the matter, however, it has had some problems with the collection.

"What we have done, including me as Minister of Health, is to coordinate with the Presidency so that this emergency plan evolves as a team," he advanced.

The minister indicated that the plan would consist of providing the necessary equipment for the collection of waste as far as possible, therefore, "there must be hiring of compactor trucks and backhoes, at least for the districts that have the most difficulties. ”.

In recent weeks, different sectors of Panama city have complained about the problem with garbage, both in the collection and poor disposal, aggravated by the situation on Patacón Hill.