Crunch time for economy reopening

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 As new coronavirus cases continue to fall parallel with  the restart  of  some  economic activities Health Minister , Luis Francisco Sucre  said that the country is entering a crucial phase.

Monday, September 7 saw the gradual reopening of the construction industry and related activities which will mean the return to work of at least 15,000.

The Panama Pacific Special Economic Area, the Colon Free Zone, and other free zones resumed activities along with private marinas sport fishing, tailor shops, dressmakers, shoe stores and car washes.

"If things remain as they are [numbers of coronavirus cases], we can continue the plan we are executing," Sucre said during an activity of the # TodoPanamá movement at the Albrook transportation terminal where masks were handed out  

"If we do not take care of ourselves as of today, the figures begin to rise and the indicators we have are damaged, then we have no choice but to end the progress of the plan and possibly go back," said Sucre

“We are clear, in all the countries once they open the numbers increase a little and we can be waiting for it. If we take care of ourselves, the impact on epidemiology should be little, so it is a matter that we all have to work on ”.

On Monday,  13 deaths and 535 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed bringing

The total accumulated total id  97,578 infections. and 2,099 have died.

Active cases total 25,232. There are 1,236 hospitalized with 1,093 in wards and 143 in ICU.

Sucre reiterated his call to the population to maintain biosecurity standards, with constant hand washing, physical distancing and use of masks.

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