COVID-19: Panama on right path as new cases fall

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New cases of covid-19 fell 11% to 1,398  -in the epidemiological week ending October 9. There were 27 deaths, one less than the previous week.

The Minsa reported that it has administered 5,618 501 doses of vaccines against Covid-19 from January 20 to date which means that 75.3% of the population that can receive the vaccine (people older than 12 years) have already complied with the immunization schedule.

In the words of public health specialist Jorge Luis Prosperi, the country is on the "right path" to control the pandemic.

According to his analysis, the statistics reflect this: “for three months, we maintain a decrease in weekly cases and, for five weeks, the percentage of positivity has been below 5%, which is a good indicator, according to the World Health Organization ”.

He added that an important element is that more than 75% of the population has completed their immunization cycle and that it will begin very soon give a booster dose to health personnel and people over 55 years of age.

“We must maintain public health measures. The virus will not be eliminated, but the epidemic will be controlled, as has been done with other diseases such as influenza ”, he concluded.

For epidemiologist Arturo Rebollón, now that there are fewer cases, the health system must vigorously resume care in that population of patients with chronic diseases who were neglected due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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El Padre del Monasterio

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1 month ago

Some of the covid-45 controls such as limiting shopping to the sexes for 2 hour blocks and cedula numbers were ridiculous. But for a developing country, Panamá has done better than the leading country in deaths, the USA. It helps that PTY does not have a rotten has-been president fomenting misinformation among the gullible. The anti-vaxer deniers are a small group of people who watch too much Youtube and other dubious sources, and there is no political party whose platform is death and conspiracy.

1 month ago

And also when the likes of Brian , aka Avakian, hogan and ah ya are totally ignored and sent packing. Well done Panama. The damage caused by orange head is horrific. He should be in front of one of Brian’s Nuremberg enquiries. Personally responsible for repeated misinformation and guidance leading to over 700,000 deaths.

1 month ago
Flat Rabbit

It’s great to see what a country can do when one of its major political parties has not embraced science denial and stupidity.

1 month ago
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