Covid-19 infections and deaths resurge

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Covid-19 infections and deaths are again on the rise with 3,654 new cases registered in epidemiological week 21 (May 23 to 29) an increase of 413    over the previous week, according to the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

In addition, 41 deaths were reported; the previous week there19 were 32. The epidemiological curve of deaths had more than five weeks on a plateau.

Cases and deaths increase in the midst of the vaccination program out by the Minsa with activities in which the recommended biosecurity measures are not complied with to avoid contagion.

Jorge Luis Prosperi, a public health specialist, said that traceability, sequencing, vaccination, among other factors, should continue to be strengthened, but at the local level, specifically, the townships where there are more cases.

The most recent epidemiology report from the Minsa - dated May 30 - showed that the townships of the province of Panama that registered the most cases were Juan Díaz (19), San Francisco (17), Don Bosco (15) , Rufina Alfaro (14) and Parque Lefevre (9).



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