CORONAVIRUS 19 people quarantined  in Herrera

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Nineteen  Herrera residents have been quarantined in their homes as part of the security protocols by COVID-19 (coronavirus said  Deputy Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, when on Friday, February 28.

"They are in their homes with their families and must maintain the measures requested by the Ministry of Health for the protection of their families until the term is met," he reiterated.

Sucre said that the people who come from countries where there is contagion are kept under surveillance. and in the whole country, about 800 are monitored

He asked these Panamanians to respect the conditions that are being imposed by the Ministry of Health "for their well-being and the community."

Sucre emphasized that the institution is following up on these patients to use their masks and stay inside their residences.
"We are preparing for any situation," he said, while explaining that in Panama there is no positive case of coronavirus.

To date, more than 83,000 cases of people with COVID-19 have been reported in more than 50 countries. Outside of China, the coronavirus has already infected more than 5,000 people and caused more than 80 deaths.


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The basic concepts of cleanliness are not even understood here. My educated professional dentist touches her gloved hand to her hair then puts it back in my mouth. The grocery store employees who touch our food, use the same bathrooms we do, with no soap. Food service workers touch money then dispense food. Use masks? what masks? are they effective masks or poor substitutes creating false confidence? as for 'worry about the economy', is Missionary Guy really dtrump? once this virus is here, it will spread like wildfire amongst people who don't wash their hands, don't cover their coughs, need to go to work whether ill or not, have no access to competent health care professionals, and are completely unaware of what an epidemic or pandemic, is.

4 months ago
Oh ya

Well lets hope they dont have it and that it does not come here .but if it does it will sprrad like wild fire through 3rd workd countries

4 months ago

Move quickly away from the unwarranted hysteria surrounding coronavirus. Don't bog the economy down in a non-starter. Panamanians, keep fighting, striving to move FORWARD!

4 months ago
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