CON-19 virus reaches Mexico and 50 countries

Virus aeeives in Mexico

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Mexico became the second country in Latin America to record cases of the new coronavirus after a man in Mexico City and another in Sinaloa (northwest), who were previously in Italy, tested positive on  Friday, September 27.

The 35-year-old Mexico City resident  "is in stable health conditions," said Hugo López-Gatell, Assistant Secretary for Prevention and Promotion of the Ministry of Health at a press conference.

"He has a mild, mild that means he doesn't have pneumonia, he has cold-like symptoms. He is a young individual so he is very low risk."

The young man,  is an "index" case, and "his whole family," composed of five other people, "is in isolation" at the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases, the official said.

From this case, the health authorities made a contact study in which they located "a second case

in Sinaloa," northwest of Mexico, López-Gatell added. "He is a 41-year-old individual currently in a hotel."  but is a resident of the central state of Hidalgo.

Brazil was the first country in Latin America to register a case of the epidemic, which emerged in China and has spread to 50 countries throughout the world.

Italy  contagion
Hugo López-Gatell said the contagion of these two individuals and two others under observation occurred in Bergamo, Italy.

Italy is the country most affected in Europe by COVID-19, with 17 deaths counted and 655 people with a positive diagnosis report AFP.

Travelers from Italy have carried the virus to other European countries, including Switzerland, Spain, Denmark.  Holland, Wales and Northern Ireland,  On Saturday cases were confirmed on the African continent in Algeria and Nigeria.

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