City of Health 86% complete will employ 7,000

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City of Health l86% complete will have 7,000 workers

Panama’s City of Health with a workforce of  3,000 is 86% complete and, it is estimated that when finished there will be 7,000 workers, including medical and administrative staff. 

On December 16, 2022, the Panamanian Consortium of Hospital Constructions, made up of Riga Services, SA, Construcción Management Group (CMG), and Administradora de Proyectos de Construcción, SA (Aprocosa), will deliver the conclusion of the second of five stages of the hospital which includes the outpatient clinic, the kitchen, the administrative building, the atrium, the reception for critical adults, the auditorium, and the central surgical block made up of 25 operating rooms, intensive care units, a patient recovery room, and a postoperative room.  Each of the operating rooms is designed with representative images of the country's tourist sites and a music system that has therapeutic effects on patients who undergo surgery.

The hospital kitchen, with an area of ​​2,900 square meters, has a comprehensive cold line system for food production.


The cost of the hospital project increased to $999 million after the approval of addendum number 7 for an amount of $661 million, which allowed the reactivation of the work and included (medical and assistance equipment and furniture) so that it is ready to start its operation.

Parallel to the delivery of the second stage of the works, comes the organization of the personnel for the commissioning.

The hospital will also have a hotel, with a capacity for 144 beds for relatives and patients from remote areas of the country..This is a fourth-level specialty hospital, that is, for patients with complex diseases, made up of several institutes, including the blood bank, transplant center, nephrology, and cardiovascular and thoracic, which is already in operation.

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