Dengue alert in Chiriqui

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WITH SIX WEEKS of the rainy season still ahead the number of cases of dengue in  Chiriqui has already passed the total for last year. says the MInistry of Health.

Health departments report 57 cases, 17 more than in 2016 a situation that puts the population at risk says The Ministry of Health (MINSA)

Patricio Camarena, provincial head of vectors at the MINSA, explained that last year for the same date only 40 cases of classical dengue had been reported, and the most alarming thing is that there are still weeks waiting for heavy downpours.

"Despite the constant calls for attention the population does not take preventive measures and does not collaborate with the cleaning of its properties and the elimination of the hatcheries," said the official.

The districts of David, Barú and Bugaba have the highest number of cases of classic dengue.

In recent weeks, the rates of infestation by breeding sites of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, transmitting this disease, reached 6.6%, with the communities of San Mateo, El Alba, Las Lomas and Paso Canoas being the most infested. The Ministry has visited nearly 2,000 homes and properties.


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