Over 1,000 dengue cases confirmed at D-Day launch

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PANAMA’S “D Day” was launched by the Ministry of Health (Minsa) on Sunday, June 25 with the announcement of 1,036 confirmed cases of dengue throughout the country.

Of that figure, 26.9% were detected in women and 23.64% in men, with no deaths recorded

ere are  an additional   1,435, suspected cases, there are 1,435, of these, 91 with ‘alarming’ signs and three are serious.

The "D-Day" campaign, focuses on p measures to prevent the proliferation of the mosquito Aedes aegypti, responsible for viruses such as dengue, zika and chikungunya.

Deputy Minister of Health, Eric Ulloa, said that the fight against the mosquito is not only the task  of the Minsa, but of all institutions and individuals, in doing the work of reviewing yards and houses to achieve the elimination of breeding grounds.

Last year, the Minsa reported 3,327 confirmed cases of dengue throughout the country, of which 244 showed  alarm signs  14 were severe and 11 deaths were recorded.

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Luckily, the Aedes aegypti have a narrow flight path from their habitat so if a neighborhood doesn't clean up and clear out their area, they are the ones to suffer. Fumigation is getting less and less effective as resistance builds so people must be compelled to do their part. The only effective motivation is a fine, so send into the communities volunteers of the community to give a single warning for trash harborers to clean up before a fine is ordered--then hit them in the pocketbook. Why should the health resources be overburdened because of a preventable situation?

Last year
B. burchard

The people pile and throw garbage and trash everywhere. Litter in Panama is unsightly as anyone can attest to.The people have no use for trash cans as basicaly the whole country is a trash can in their minds. When the rains begin the unsightly trash becomes a breeding ground for Mosquitos carry Dengue. Every year the sme problem. Until the culture of trash changes, natural selection wil continue as ignorant lazy people are their own worst enemy.

Last year

It is a miracle that the problem has not spiraled out of control. They seem to be so concerned and ready to fight with their beautiful billboards with contact information... Well go ahead and contact them. Send them information and pictures of serious mosquito breeding grounds. Maybe they won't totally ignore you like they did with my multiple letters. Why do they waste money on their billboards if they don't want response?

Last year
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