75% of Latin Americans remain unvaccinated

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The director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Carissa F. Etienne, warns that 75% of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean is not yet fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and, PAHO is accelerating its efforts to expand access to vaccines throughout the region.

"Three-quarters of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean has not been fully vaccinated," he said. “More than a third of the countries in our region have not yet vaccinated 20% of their population. And in some places, the coverage is much lower, ”he added.

According to Etienne, vaccination rates are below 20% in several Caribbean and South American countries, while coverage remains in the single digits in Central American nations such as Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, he detailed. Meanwhile, in Haiti and Venezuela, the fragility of health systems and political challenges in these countries have further delayed immunizations against SARS-CoV-2. "Unfortunately, countries with high coverage are the exception in our region," she emphasized.

Etienne calculated that, in total, 540 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines must be supplied to ensure that all Latin American and Caribbean countries can protect at least 60% of their population. "Therefore, we must expand access to vaccines in our region, especially in the places furthest behind," he stressed.

In response to the vaccine shortage, PAHO has launched a new donation campaign. "We are working to draw the attention of developed countries to the urgent need to donate vaccines to Latin America and the Caribbean," she said.


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El Padre del Monasterio

Yo Brian, worms are slithering outta your back end. Get the magic pill now!

18 days ago

People double injected by the KILL SHOT from America & Israel one of the most injected locations in the world with record levels of death and ICU now going on their 4th KILL SHOT are BARRED FROM ENTRY INTO EUROPE!!! So much for the 95% to 98% lies by government murderers. The Lancet peer reviewed studies showed near zero protection. Don't worry the tyrannical killers are still lying as they change the definitions as people die in waves from the KILL SHOT! The world has never seen crimes against humanity like this EVER! READ & LEARN. I was right these past 2 years! CDC redefines ‘vaccine’ in wake of mRNA jab’s plunging efficacy https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/cdc-redefines-vaccine-in-wake-of-mrna-jabs-plunging-efficacy/ | FYI the only people I have ever heard dying are the ones admitted to hospital given the murder death KILL PROTOCOL...99% fatality rate once they vent you and blow your lungs up along with poisoning you and with holding safe and effective early treatment drugs. They are all criminals and will be arrested, prosecuted and executed for their heinous crimes against humanity.

1 month ago

Yes, the server loaded the NP almost instantly..and maybe because the site is not overloaded with copy/paste rubbish from Q and other wacko sites. It is a damn shame the US has had to dump millions of vaccine doses because of expiration dates. Let´s get that help to Latin America and the rest of the 3rd World. The fact that denialists and general discontents are not getting the jab in the US is driving the current surge, the ´pandemic of the unvaxxed´. Covidiots who refuse to be vaccinated and perhaps prevent a horrible death are hypocrites who will be the first to run to hospital so modern medicine can attempt to save their sorry selves.

1 month ago

Over 95% of patients being admitted to hospital and relying on ventilators to breathe are unvaccinated so I dont know how that figures in your maths Expat. Yes there will be break through cases but the statistics are overwhelmingly in favor of having the jabs. I thought that NP was going to ban idiots like you promoting anti vax propoganda ? Guess its Sunday. By the way congratulations to NP for fixing the server at last. Or maybe its the results of keeping the Brians of this world off the platform and cluttering up the system with their paste and post rubbish

1 month ago

Compared to other nation it's obviously better not to be vaccinated. Less cases less deaths. Or what's going on in the US and other highly vaccinated countries.

1 month ago
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