716 new virus cases, deaths at 547

Masks help reduce spreadof the deadly virus

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Panama, deaths from Covid-19 reached  547 on  Wednesday, June 24 and accumulated cases climbed  to 28,030 reports  the Ministry of Health (Minsa)

The latest epidemiology report reveals confirms 716 new cases and  11 deaths in one day.

There are 779 hospitalized patients (649 in ward and 130 in intensive care units).

The new tests carried out to detect the virus totaled  2,307, which brings the accumulated number of tests to 114,042. Of this total, 83,167 were negative and 30,875 positive.

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These 500 deaths will have no impact on the population of Panama. There are thousands of teenage girls with swelling bellies full of baby that they got during Carnaval. Now if Carnaval gets cancelled next year (never gonna happen) then you will see a drop in the birthrate.

3 months ago
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