42,000 children get covid-19 vax in 15 days

PARENTS and children at a vaccination center

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Some 42,000 pediatric doses against Covid-19 have been applied to Panama children aged 5 to 11 years in 15 days reports the Health Ministry (Minsa).

Pediatric vaccination in Panama began on January 7 and until  Friday's cutoff, 21,566 administered doses were counted, which gives a daily average of 2, 837.

This week the immunization of this age group is being carried out in nine schools and three shopping centers in circuits 8-6 (San Miguelito) and 8-10 (Panama).

The Health authorities specified that the vaccination in the authorized schools ends  Saturday, but in the Metro mall and Los Andes Mall, San Miguelito and Megamall, Pacora, it continues through Sunday.

Panama has received 180,000 pediatric doses from the Pfizer laboratory and in the next few days, the other circuits where children from 5 to 11 years of age will begin to be immunized will be announced.

As reported by the Ministry of Health, the estimated target population to be vaccinated in this group is 512,000.