25 frontline healthworkers hit by virus, one dead

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Some 25  frontline staff from the Social Security Fund (CSS) of Panama West, involved in testing and tracing Covid-19. including doctors, nurses, technicians and administrators, have been infected with the virus.

The of Panama West, , inter-institutional director Herminia Mariscal said on Tuesday, June 30, that of the 25 s who acquired the disease, one died, while another was fighting for life  in intensive care.

"We have a very high risk.  It is at our side every minute, "said the doctor who leads efforts to search, find and trace contacts of people  tested positive of  Covid-19 in areas of high infection such as the township of Arraiján-Cabecera.

Mariscal said that the risk occurs, despite the fact that they have all the necessary security tools to protect themselves, given that until now they have managed to supply themselves, but there is increasing concern about the "exhaustion" that many suffer from continuous long shifts but they still carry on.

The Ministry of Health epidemiological report shows that 5,838 Covid-19 cases have been registered in West Panama, with the Arraiján district reporting the most cases with 1,400

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Snake Pliskin

Health care workers out there spreading this stuff around. Guess your stupid masks and social distancing and all that other BS dont work. Making communist laws dont work. Uffff. This is the most stupid thing I have ever seen in my life. They will never learn. If they would have just let it run its course from the beginning, all this crap would be over with by now. I am actually inclined to agree with veraguas and we dont even know for sure that their tests are accurate. It was only 80% last I heard and that was probably a lie too.

1 month ago

How do we know if some died from covid or with covid? What is the comorbidity and age of the deaths? Once they ramp up to 4000 tests a day later this month then you will see the numbers really flare and the panic of the press have even more hysteria.

1 month ago
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