22,000 unvaccinated civil servants

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Some 22,000 civil servants have not yet received the Covid-19 vaccine the presidential adviser Rafael Mesquita confirmed on Tuesday, August 17.

Mosque said that he had access to statistics that show that 210,000 officials have at least one dose against the virus and that 145,000 already have two doses.

"There are a total of 232,000 civil servants, and 10 percent have received no vaccination.

The issue of vaccinating officials has generated various reactions after President of Cortizo, said that he was analyzing sending officials who have not been vaccinated on leave without pay.

"They have no right not to be vaccinated or to infect other people," argued Cortizo last Friday during a tour of the province of Herrera.

"The way to interpret it is an advance call of attention to those 20,000 officials who so far do not have any vaccine," said Mesquita.


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To me, it makes a difference if these 22,000 want the vaccine or prefer not. Of course, everyone realizes ANY government has the ultimate power providing it is within the Constitution. But just because one has the “power”, do they always have to assert it? |||. Pardon me for the following bastardization of the famous quote from Martin Niemoller. First they came for the elderly, but I had not yet attained the “golden years” status so I did not speak out. Then they came for workers of the government, but I was not a government employee, so I did not speak out. Then they came for those on Welfare but I supported myself through work, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the students, but I was long past being a student, so I did not speak out. Then they came for all their citizens, but I was a foreigner so I did not speak out. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out on my behalf. The US is using their “power” to mandate and that, my friends, is a slippery slope. What else will they mandate: what food can you eat? What businesses can charge for their services/goods (aka government price fixing); what vehicles can you drive (regardless if you cannot afford the “approved” ones); etc. I know that corruption drives most of these mandates. In case you want to defend mandates, I was against mandating seat belts for those of an age of majority capable of deciding but I wear a seatbelt not because of mandate but out of choice. I am not a smoker so before it was banned in restaurants, I would not frequent a restaurant that did not provide a non-smoking section. Mandating warnings on medicines or drugs does not offend me because it does not take away my free choice. Does “government” really need to be deciding all matters of controversy? Or is it better to have the “people” use their voice in free-enterprise or health choices and decide with their wallets? Yes, this is controversial, I know, for the reason we have allowed for so long that the government can make choices for us and we have passed that responsibility onto them. Basically, we have allowed ourselves to be “dumbed down” and given ourselves over, body and soul, to the State. And we fail to speak up even when we know in our guts they have made a bad decision or are complicit in lying to us. The world is waking up—people are protesting on a global scale for their and their fellow citizens freedom of choice and human rights. They may or may not win this battle but I think it will be an eye-opener for “mandates”, restrictions on movements, etc to be more carefully decided. That, probably, may be the best we can hope for. As I watch the multitudes protest in Britain, France, Italy, Canada, and small nations likewise—it is heartwarming this passion expressed. I trust the “power” is taking the pulse of the people for if not, it may well escalate out of control. Tyranny and Authoritarianism cannot be rewarded with compliance. Back to vaccines, whether they receive final approval from the FDA or not, there is enough evidence already that Covid vaccines do not stop infection and they don’t stop transmission. But if one still wants the jab, go for it! Personally, I would like to see “infected” people treated early on with already known therapies in the critical first days. One has to think: what if it’s proven one day soon beyond doubt that WE CANNOT STOP THIS VIRUS OR ITS VARIANTS. What we can do is treat the infected, encourage everyone to boost their immunity through good health and dietary supplements, let the virus pass through the community (recommend the vulnerable take extra precautions on their own) and let the preferred natural (longer lasting and more broad against variants) immunity take over accepting full well that there is an average (more or less) 99.5% survival rate and that that number will only ESCALATE when prophylactic, therapeutic, and proper health maintenance is in effect. Even at 0.05% death rate, COVID IS NOT AN EMERGENCY. More deaths than this can be attributed to iatrogenesis (aka death attributed to medical activity). Why Covid ever was determined an “emergency” in the 1st place (once the truth of manipulation of data is truthfully revealed) except that is is a POLITICAL issue, not necessarily a medical one. Doctors need to shift from that paradigm back into their responsibility to “FIRST, DO NO HARM.”

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