1,181 coronavirus cases, 30 deaths

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With 106 new confirmed cases,  the number of people with coronavirus in Panama climbed to  1,181  on Tuesday, March 31.

 Lourdes Moreno, Director of Epidemiology of the Health Ministry (Minsa) , said that 30 Panamanian citizens have died. 969 are in home isolation, 123 are hospitalized in wards and 50 are in intensive care. Nine people have recovered. Moreno said that the highest number of cases is found among the people between 20 and 59 years of age, with a total of 915 cases. While deaths have occurred, mostly in people over 60 years.  6,944 tests have been made, of which 83% are negative.


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1 month ago

Our Mayor in the town of Pedasi has been very proactive in protecting his citizens with early quarantine measures. He's lock us down from outside visitors with the exception of vendors. Thank you mayor Miguel Batista

Last month

Why not list the hot beds.The areas where most of the cases coming from.Maybe those areas need to be isolated

Last month
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