Your own sack of coffee-chocolate pick me ups tucked in purse or pocket

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By Ingrid Jones

Panama’s coffee exports have received another boost through a marriage of a flavorful Venezuelan chocolate to quaility beans to produce a quick, transportable  pick me up.  

The man behind the idea is Panama based film maker and entrepreneur Neil Thomas Evans  whose talents cover a wide field and whose marketing skills are helping put brand  Panama in front of the world Since moving to Panama, while retaining his links with his first love, films, he has successfully   launched an Apple approved App, created  a rum cake company, and now the energy boosting chocolate covered coffee beans.

Panama’s coffee is already recognized around the world for its flavor, and its geisha coffee continues to top head the list in terms of quality and flavor while the good health and longevity of the Kuna Yala indigenous  population has long been attributed to their cocoa drinking habits.

Evans is using high-end roasted beans coated with dark cocoa produced in Venezuela. They are packed into mini coffee sacks and 

while a retail distribution network is being developed, it can also be purchased on line, with an introductory “Buy four, pay for three” offer.

His  earlier venture has helped spread a sweet message from Panama to all parts of the globe with his line of Panama Tropical Rum Cakes,  containing a hint of vanilla blended with aged dark rum. The cakes are individually packed and sealed to retain their freshness and flavor.

Can't wait to see what  his next culinary venture will be,

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