Upgrading new food plaza

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AT LEAST $150,000 will be needed to fix problems  and make improvements  to the recently opened  "Sabores del Chorrillo" plaza ,on  Cinta Costera III which  is a ictim of its own success.

Mayor Jose Isabel Blandon said  the works consist of  arranging bathrooms, extending the roof, construction of stairs and expansion  to allow for more chairs and tables.

The "plaza has become a favorite venue forresidents and visitors  who enjoy sea food in a relaxed atmosphere at attractive prices.

Ana Isabel Loaiza, owner of a local  "Sabores del Chorrillo", said it is urgent to expand the area to serve more customers and to repair bathrooms.

Tenants pay $250 a month for the space. There is a current capacity for 440 people, but  the demand has been increasing.

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