A rousing start to 10th Panama Oktoberfest

807Views 0Comments Posted 20/09/2015

 By Margot Thomas

THE BOMBERO’S (Firemen’s) band from Chepo made their 10th annual appearance at the opening of Oktoberfest celebration’s at Gasthaus Rincon Aleman on Saturday September 19, and, as they have done over the years,  set an upscale tone for six weeks of special events.

The band which  has swelled to 34, played with vigor and style as expected at any staging of the uniquely German festival. But you don’t have to be German to appreciate the flavor  of a special Oktoberfesr beer brewed annually in Munich.

Mein host Fritz Schmutte, complete with Bavarian headgear  was on hand to welcome the celebrants, who  packed the  new location In San Francisco, and was back on hand by noon on Sunday,suitably attired in lederhosen to round off the weekend with feasting and music, and the promise of more to come.

To check the schedule for the upcoming weeks click on the “Coming events” bar.

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