Dining and catering: right taste, price, and service

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By Susan Thomas

PANAMA  is becoming home to  many new trendy and not so trendy restaurants, but when your lunch is being prepared by a peripatetic chef who honed his talents in half a dozen different countries, you can expect some tasty surprises.

And the surprises come in many flavors at Sabores where they present the three staple dining out necessities: taste, price and service, and you can add a unique ambience ... not trendy, but most definitely friendly.

The “restaurant”, on Calle 68 in San Francisco, is in fact almost an afterthought to Sabores principal purpose, which is catering for   businesses and events. But with space to spare it was decided to add a few tables near the kitchen, where those who have been let in to one of the best kept luncheon secrets in town, can meet and select from the ever changing menu in a family atmosphere similar to sitting in your own kitchen, waiting for the freshly home cooked food to arrive straight from the stove to your table.

Chef Hubert is on hand to help you choose you meal

The offerings include exquisite salads and soups, and main courses range from paella to lasagna, fresh salmon from Chile, German herring dishes, Basque cod,  closing with the best apple strudel I have had the good fortune to taste, even on visits to Germany. It all comes at a modest price, as does the wine selection and some excellent German beers, including draft, all presented with personal service from Mein host, Hubert Geiber and his wife Anna.

If your Spanish is on the weak side, you’ll be happy to know that both Hubert and Anna speak English

German born Hubert, after his gastronomic graduation in his home country, cooked his way around the world via England, Indonesia, The Dominion Republic and Mexico and as a cruise ship chef. Now, after closing his restaurant in troubled Mexico, he is established in Panama and operating a catering service that offers services built around a culinary theme including Mexican, Asian, German, British. Spanish, Italian.  or multi-national, dishes with appropriate accessories reflecting the country.

The interesting thing from my point view is that if you want to 

A vegetarian canelloni ordered ahead of arrriving. The plate sits atop a Mexican table cover

sample some of the items you are thinking of ordering for your event, a morning call will have it on the menu when you arrive or, if you are just dropping in for lunch, you can order in advance an item that you fancy, but is not on the menu. Now that’s service.

Calle 68 is off Calle 50) Turn left by the Nissan showroom where 50 starts to bend to the right. Sabores is on the left, just past the first intersection you cross.

It is open Monday to Friday, 11 am to 6 pm. Saturday, 11 am to 4 pm. The phone number is 398-4115 or 5890-2134. E-mail info@sabores.com.pa

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