Caribbean flavor in an old time setting

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Out and about

An architectural step back in time, to the days of the Canal construction and the flavor of Caribbean food is a good combination for those taking the time to visit  Mi Pueblito Afro-Antillano,on  Ancon Hill. 

That's what you get for a modest expenditure  at La Chivas Bar and Restaurant in a the house that is replica of the famed “Hotel Bahia” in Bocas Del Toro.
It has two floors, the upper level’s got a great view of  the Causeway and the shore, and from the first floor  you can see the whole of the Antillean section of Mi Pueblito.

La Chiva’s  atmosphere is informal, their menu affordable, the fish very tasty, and the juice can't get any fresher,  it's squeezed right from the pulp when you place your order.

A cosy corner

Some of its sepcialties are  shrimps in garlic or tomato sauce, seafood rice, seafood soup and of course the traditional fried sea bass served with “patacones” (smashed plantains), and green salad.

If you have been to Mi Pueblito Afro-Antillano you know that it feels as though you were somewhere in Bocas, but the one missing, was a place with matching ambience to get a good tasting bite toeat. La Chivas Bar and Restaurant, opened its doors in January to fill that gap.

Opening hours are from Mondays to Sundays from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM depending on the visitors of Mi Pueblito. The Restaurant is also available for rent for special events. {jathumbnail off}

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