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Panama Supreme Court

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If there is one thing true in this country, it is that behind a rumor always lies a truth. There is irrefutable evidence that the National Security Council during the past administration intervened in the computers of hundreds of people and recorded emails and cell phones, apparently without warrants. The victims are not only the few plaintiffs we see in Supreme Court hearings. There are thousands, the majority without pending court cases. Now runs the rumor that a magistrate would be subjected to blackmail because of a recording that

leaves very badly stopped, which could influence your decision in high profile cases that are handled in the court. Whether that is true or not, is something that is unknown, but what is certain is that if it is  something so serious, that can alter the course of one or more trials, it deserves not only an explanation on behalf of the alleged victim but an investigation to get to the bottom of all this. Having evidence of so many wiretaps it is not surprising that something like this exists. We hope that some authority will investigate this thoroughly.

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Was the wire tapping equipment ever found?

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