OPINION: Unanswered questions in Savings Bank loan ruling

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The Savings Bank is a State institution. Its board of directors, the manager, and assistant general manager are appointed by the President of the Republic and ratified by the National Assembly. This bank has the permanent supervision of the Comptroller General of the Republic. The law that governs the Savings Bank explicitly states that the State responds for the obligations contracted by this institution. For all the above, it becomes uncomfortable to speculate on the decision the judge made, which replaced the original judge at the last minute in the case of the Amador Convention Center. In this mess, funds were diverted from the Savings Bank to Financial Pacific, among other destinations other than the purpose of the loan, and if this bank does not apply the coercive jurisdiction, it does not recover its funds. Additionally, no one has explained why a judicial officer, assistant to magistrate José Ayú Prado, was present at the hearings in this case. The current administration of the Caja de Ahorros did not want to become a complainant because there were supposedly no losses with that loan. We are led to believe that this was a mere commercial transaction common and current in local banks. That is not true. This case deserves that judges of truth analyze your facts and decide based on the law. Citizens cannot accept that is played with the patrimony of all … LA PRENSA, Aug.25

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