OPINION: Lawmakers hidden skeletons

Where to hide the loot?

Only 11 of the 71 deputies of the National Assembly have divulged the contents of their 080 form, [staffing report] and of those only four have explained in detail the role of the people who appear in their listings. The most shameful thing about these figures is that most of the pro-government deputies, that is, support the management of this government, remain opaque, hand in hand with their colleagues in Democratic Change and the PRD, in which only one deputy has revealed the details of his return. Why the mystery? What can these forms include that they refuse to disclose them? In what little is known until now nepotism abounds and the appointment of employees of personal companies of the deputies. The refusal to comply with the Transparency Law can only cover up crimes or embarrassments. Ladies and gentlemen, publish your forms now. Panamanians demand the truth … LA PRENSA Aug 4