OPINION: Impunity writ large

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A criminal circuit judge has just granted a final dismissal in favor of a consortium that did not execute a sewerage project of $4.9 million in La Pintada, but charged in advance. One of the partners of the consortium is nothing less than a company that, in Spain, is suspected of having paid bribes to obtain contracts for up to $35 million in Panama, between 2010 and 2015. A Spanish judge considered that "there is no doubt "that" corrupt "service contracting mechanisms were frequently used for this company in its public contracts in Panama. But our Creole judge annihilated any possibility of getting to the bottom of this matter because, among other things, the anticorruption prosecution did not yet have an audit report from the Comptroller's Office. There is no provision in the Criminal Procedure Code or in the Criminal Code or in the Panama legal system that indicates that to prove the embezzlement it is indispensable for an audit report of the Comptroller for such purposes. There is a wealth of resources - diligence, inspections, confessions, judicial assistance - to prove the commission of this crime. The prosecutor's office still has the opportunity to appeal, and this would prevent the country from doing - again – the ridiculous. Hopefully, this case does not end, as is the custom, in more of that impunity of which Panamanians are already jaded.  … LA PRENSA, Aug. 4

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Comments 2

Ramona Rhoades

WONDER???????? HAH!!!!!!

Last year
Richard Charron

I referred to this in a previous post about the courts in Panama making up the rules as they go along. I wonder if any money changed hands. LOL

Last year
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