OPINION: Government stays mum on real cost of WYD

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One month before the celebration of World Youth Day (WYD), the Government continues to be silent about its real cost. It is not just the expensive red carpet that can be kept forever, or the luxury vehicles rented to serve international dignitaries. That is the pomp and circumstance that is linked to this type of event. Within the set of preparations is the adequacy of the Hospital San Miguel Arcángel, as well as the preparation of temporary facilities in dozens of public schools. The Government continues without communicating whether the days of the event will be workable in the city of Panama, or if the cities of Penonomé and Chitré will have to rest during the preliminary events, to which tens of thousands of pilgrims have been summoned, together with the Panamanians who will actively participate. The current government has six months of mandate, and its decisions, especially those involving public funds, will have an important effect on the budgets available for the next government. WYD is very important for the image of Panama since it can contribute to improving the damaged reputation of this land studded with corruption scandals. WYD will be as transparent as the complete information that all citizens have about the use of their taxes. since it can contribute to improving the battered reputation of this land studded with corruption scandals.- LA PRENSA, Dec. 23


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Tone deaf Varela is going for pomp and the Pope eschews pomp. Varela is buying his stairway to Heaven with our dime. Or trying to buy it anyway..

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All the pomp of WYD will be forgotten within a month but the image of Panama's scandals will not only be remembered every time the word "politician" comes to mind but for at least a year investigations into the use of taxpayer funding will hang like a shadow of what little good was accomplished by January's multi-million (billion?) dollar investment to try to put a good face on a country mired in social and economic problems.

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