OPININON: Hub of the Americas needs oiling

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The revenues of the Tocumen International Airport fell in the first half of this year,reporting a fall of $ 6.4 million due to the decrease in the arrival of tourists to the country and the decrease in collection of the rents by the duty free stores in terminal 1, whose concession expired at the end of last year, and it was not until the middle of this year that the new operators entered. In addition, there has been a 32% increase in personnel expenses, and the main project that develops, the construction of the terminal 2, with an extra cost of more than $ 200 million. Tocumen is affected by the lack of  promotion, the international situation, the regional economic situation, the malfunctioning of its facilities and   an expensive and mediocre gastronomic experience. More than once, the airport company has been managed as political booty being a victim of personal and commercial interests of friends, family and copartners of those who have held power And, as if that were not enough, improvisation has not allowed it to make a strategic plan that directs its activities and operation to generate a greater added value for the country. Tocumen is another vivid example that without meritocracy we all lose … LA PRENSA. Sep. 10

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Ancon Harpy

200 million for terminal #2 and the moving walkways in #1 have not worked in several months; at least when I have travelled. As soon as visitors and residents get off the plane they are subjected to inefficiency and inconvenience.

8 months ago
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