MEDIA WATCH: Solving the bus problem

431Views 0Comments Posted 11/09/2015

Hoy por Hoy, La Prensa October 9
IN THE LAST 15 years, four different governments have tried to solve the problem of public transport in the metropolitan area, with a combination of carrier entities, direct state contributions and subsidies of all kinds.

The proposal released yesterday presents an interesting model, in which is finally understood that this utility cannot be treated as a business, and that the State, acting on our behalf, not only must lead it, but operate it according to international best practices. The approximately $245 million paid by the state are a good investment if indeed it restores the confidence and quality of service to users. Is a great day for Panamanians when we can have the hope that the public transport will stop being a tragedy to become an efficient and reliable routine, worthy of a serious and civilized society, as we aspire to be.

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