MEDIA WATCH: The smell of impunity

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Hoy por hoy, La Prensa, Sep 17

CIVIL SOCIETY has come together to demand real and concrete justice. After 15 months of the current government, citizen’s expectations regarding the fight against corruption have not been met.

Judicial officers: the Supreme Court, the courts and tribunals; and the Attorney General have adopted a dynamic that baffles and discourages society.
Apparently, the fear to decide on the flagship high-profile cases prevails. With its slowness and delay, it is a turning its back on the national clamor to obtain a strong, effective and impartial action against the corruption of the political class. The pretexts and evasions expressed disturb us as citizens, because it smells like impunity.

Justice is supposedly looking for common benefit. The behavior of the authorities of the justice system makes us feel that we have been betrayed by those who should be the greatest guarantors of the common good of the country.

They have forgotten that the citizens of Guatemala exercised their  power to achieve justice, and that we Panamanians can use that power as well.

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Welcome to the world of politics. It is the same all over the world. Money talks!

3 years ago
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