Saturday Night Fight May 4 in Las Vegas

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The boxing world is waiting for the titanic confrontation that is coming between two of the most prominent boxers in Mexico: Jaime Munguia and Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez. This fight, scheduled for twelve rounds, will be much more than a simple sporting contest. Álvarez, who holds the 168-pound belt, will face Munguia in a duel that promises to be epic.  The story between these two boxers is woven with threads of respect and rivalry.  Munguia, (43 wins, 34 by knockout) a young talent with a devastating punch, sees in Álvarez not only an opponent, but an idol that he seeks to surpass.  On the other hand, Álvarez (58 wins, 39 by knockout and technical knockout, 2 losses, both by decision and 2 draws) , a living boxing legend, fiercely defends his legacy and his titles in the 168-pound category. . For him, this fight represents an opportunity to show why he is considered one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.With odds of 1.20 to win, the betting houses consider that Álvarez has a high probability of emerging victorious in the fight. This is likely due to his experience, technical skills, and his successful track record in the ring. For every 10 dollars bet he pays 12.00 including the risked money.  On the other hand, Jaime Munguia is considered the underdog in this fight, with a quota of 4.84 to win. This means that if Munguia manages to surprise the boxing world and defeat Alvarez, those who bet on him would receive a significantly higher payout compared to betting on Alvarez. For every 10.00 dollars bet he pays 48.00 including the amount risked.  These odds reflect the widespread perception that Álvarez is the undisputed favorite in this fight, but they also leave room for the excitement and uncertainty that characterizes this sport. Without a doubt, the confrontation between Álvarez and Munguia promises to be an event full of action and drama, with millions of fans around the world tuning in to see who will emerge victorious in the ring.

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