Book Fair goes digital

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The International Book Fair of Panama had to reinvent itself. Like all of us, in the midst of the pandemic, the 16th edition of this literary event has been digitalized. National and international audiences will be able to follow the forums, book presentations, and explore the virtual shelves from today until August 16. The book fair is the clearest demonstration of the ability to dream and innovate that underlies the Panamanian soul. This is a showcase, which is now, more than ever, offered on the web, in Zoom, and on YouTube, as a democratic opportunity to learn about all literary genres first-hand and participate in current debates. Since its first version, it has been incubating a new literary and cultural horizon for Panama, serving as a platform for the launch of new authors, and the rediscovery of Panamanian classics, which on many occasions were already absent from bookstores. The testimonies and literary experiences are the mirrors of our conscience. Today the International Book Fair enters a new and exciting chapter, which we can be part of at PRENSA. Aug.13

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