Artist from six countries perform daily during Panama clarinet festival

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Artists from Colombia, France,  Peru. Poland,  the United States, and Panama attending the second edition of the International Clarinet Show of Panama will present concerts in different parts of Panama city from August 9 to 13.

The Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Panama (UP), the Juvenile School of Music, the National Institute of Music, will be the headquarters of the training activities of the event, while in the auditorium of the GECU and the Hilton hotel the concerts scheduled for  7:30 pm each day. The closing concert, on August 13, will feature the orchestra and choir of the festival.

Javier Asdrúbal Vinasco and Magliony Márquez (Colombia), Amaury Viduvier (France), Marco A. Mazzini (Peru), Jackie McIlwain (United States), Wojtek Komsta (Poland) are the invited foreign clarinetists, in addition to the pianists Jacob Coleman and Ben Corbin (both from the United States).

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