ENVIRONMENT: Most lethal forest fires, record heat

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HEAT WAVES are setting new records all over the world. Europe had its most lethal forest fires in more than a century.

In California, dozens of homes were burned and at least 37,000 . were evicted. Heavy downpours with the risk of floods have hit the east of the United States this week.

All this is typical of summer, but it has worsened due to the climate change caused by man, affirm scientists.

"There is an abundance of extraordinary events," said climatologist Jennifer Francis, from Rutgers University, in New Jersey.

Japan recorded on Monday 41.1 degrees Celsius (106 ° F), the highest temperature in its history. Parts of Massachusetts, Maine, Wyoming, Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico and Texas also posted temperature records.

And the strong heat has plagued Europe, where Norway, Sweden, and Finland have experienced temperatures that they had never seen, above 32 ° C (90 ° F).

So far this month, at least 118 temperature records were exceeded or equaled on the planet, according to the National Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States (NOAA).

The explanations may sound familiar. "We now have very strong evidence that global warming has tipped the balance, increasing

the probabilities of extreme heat and rain, "said climatologist Noah Diffenbaugh, of the University of Stanford. "We have concluded that global warming has increased the chances of breaking heat records in more than 80% of the planet, and has raised the odds of record hydrological events in the middle of the orb ".

Climate change is increasing the temperatures in the world due to the accumulation of gases from the greenhouse effect from the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, and from other human activities. And experts say that jet streams - which determine the climate in the Northern Hemisphere- are showing strange behavior.

"A jet stream  has remained in the same place for weeks in a very unusual way", said Jeff Masters, director of Weather Underground. Because of this, there are three zones that are maintained Hot: Europe, Japan, and the western United States. That same pattern in the jet streams caused the heat wave of 2003 in Europe, as well as the heat wave and the fires of 2010 in Russia, the drought of Texas and Oklahoma in 2011 and the wildfires of Canada in 2016, said climatologist Michael Mann, of the State University of Pennsylvania, who mentioned previous studies by him and other authors.

Mann noted in an email that these extremes are "becoming more frequent due to the climate change caused by man and in particular the amplification of warming in the Arctic. "

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You ask for it all to be explained to you in scientific terms. Here is some reading for you. Tett et al. 2000 Meehl et al. 2004 Stone et al. 2007 Lean and Rind 2008 Huber and Knutti 2011 Gillett et al. 2012 Wigley and Santer 2012 Jones et al. 2013 Ribes et al. 2016 The links don't appear to be working. give me a moment to correct it.

10 months ago
Ken Bunch

And don't forget that in the time of Julius Ceaser Egypt was the bread basket of the world. Today it's a vast desert. I guess all the fossil fuels did them in too.

10 months ago

The argument is now settled, it's Trumps fault just ask any lefty liberal. Therefor climate change it's man made.

10 months ago

And I suppose the Hawaii volcano months-long eruption or forest fires caused by lightning strikes have no effect on climate change! Explain to me how that's man-made and while at it, the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases attributed to "natural" causes in scientific terms and how they compare with man-made (include ALL natural factors, eg decomposing forests, bogs, etc). Can't? Sure you can ... it just will never be revealed or it would destroy your "man-made" argument and you wouldn't be able to suck grant money or world redistribution funds out of taxpayer wallets.

10 months ago
Richard Charron

Looks like the "scientist" need more grant money. Every time they run low we hear the same cry about "man made" climate change. I doubt anyone will dispute that the weather is changing as it has for millenniums and will continue for many more if we don't blow the place up. The money they waste on their futile attempt to convince us we are to blame could be better spent on adjusting our life patterns and geographical locations to accommodate the changes. If the seas are truly going to rise it would be smart to spend the money now to relocate cities situated on the ocean or to at least fortify them. Who doesn't remember the billions if not trillions of dollars spent to rebuilt a city (New Orleans) which is ten feet below sea level. In what reality does this make any sense. A new city could have been built 50 miles up river and you would never have to worry about it again and probably for less money. You can't fight "climate change" no matter how hard they try to convince us it is man made but smart people will adjust for it. We will learn what type of crops grow in the new climate patterns and how to adjust for them. Places that were once Gardens of Eden will not be as productive while places that were deserts will produce in abundance. It's all a matter of adjustment to an inevitable force. There is hope however, we do have electric cars and solar power which should cool us down considerably LOL. If you believe in a higher power or creator of all things you have to believe that he put fossil fuels on the planet for us to use or they wouldn't be part of the grand scheme. Relax and just turn that air conditioner down a degree or two.

10 months ago
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