Predators destroy protected habitat

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THE HABITAT of crustaceans, national and migratory seabirds and the black iguana have been destroyed  in a protected mangrove swamp area in Los Santos says the Ministry of the Environment.

Logging and burning on the dunes has eliminated grass, affected the flora and fauna and  caused the sand to disperse according to a MiAmbiente report.

Authorities identified 35 illegally fenced lots within some lots there are ranchos, and breakwaters built with tires and plastic.

The  La Enea protected area, was created by a municipal agreement in 1990 which established that public use of the area is permitted, provided that it  does not cause serious ecological disturbances.

Illegal logging and burning of undergrowth has become an increasing problem in recent years.


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GI Joe

compare this to the leftist windmill farms in the US. They get their green energy but kill thousands of eagles and other birds. not a peep from the enviro whackos. yet, a farmer baiting rodents and inadvertently kills an eagle gets jailed and thousands in fines.

2 years ago

Land will be managed by those in possession. If you don't intend to keep your charge, don't take it on. Better to contract with private parties rather than leave it to whomever may take it.

2 years ago
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