Panama planning palm oil exports to Europe

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PALM OIL producers in Baru have reactivated production in the area in order to supply the local market and to negotiate contracts to export to Central America in the coming months.

With an investment of $14.5 million. farmers in the region of Baru have built a plant for processing palm oil which will begin operating in late August. "...The plant has the capacity to process up to 30 tons an hour, and can be expanded to reach 60 tons an hour." Reports CentralAMericaData

Manufacturer Luis Castrejon told that "... the goal is to export, for which contracts have been advanced in Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras, and as a second step there will be a venture into the European market, mainly in the Netherlands, which is a major buyer. "

"...There are currently about 10,000 hectares planted in the Baru region and production is being sold in the local market. Production is growing in the country, some 19,368 hectares achieved nationally, where most production is recorded in the provinces of Chiriquí, Darién, Panama and Veraguas."

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