OPINION: Mangroves vs skyscrapers

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The mangroves of the Bay of Panama are protective barriers against floods and waves, while at the same time they serve as sustenance for rich tropical biodiversity. Experience has made it clear that every time you want to build a skyscraper or a new urbanization where mangroves once existed, as a result, you destroy these ecosystems, quality of life is lost and the functionality of the Tocumen  airport is put at risk  Nobody would think of filling Gatun Lake and drying the Canal to build a condominium or a mansion. But this is the same thing that the coastal zone of the Bay of Panama has been suffering. The wealth the mangroves give us is invaluable and unique in the world. It is time for the authorities to get on on the side of citizens, the environment and the future of Panama, and enforce the law to guarantee the life of these saltwater forests. Our present and the future of the capital city depend on it. let's save the wonderful mangroves that adorn the horizon. Panamanians know perfectlythe serious consequences that we can face if we allow their destruction.

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ABSOLUTELY!! Once lost, the mangrove areas will not be rebuilt, and their presence offers protection to both the city of Panama's human population, as well as its wildlife.

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Mangroves are indeed a valuable part of the ecosystem. The comment that the "functionality of the Tocumen airport is put at risk" by eliminating mangroves is a bit strange in that the flocks of birds that migrate to the mangroves are themselves a threat to aviation. Having said that I agree with maintaining an ecosystem, all things must be in perspective -- there has to be room for protective barriers (the mangroves) and room for development. Finding that balance is tricky and no doubt the enviro-nazis will get carried away and impose no development whatsoever, as they are so want to do.

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