OPINION: Protecting our mangroves and ourselves

Disappearing mangroves

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Today is World Wetland Day, a celebration to raise awareness about the importance of a vital ecosystem for the quality of human life.

One of The most important classes of wetlands is the mangrove. Panama has lost 68% of the mangroves of the Pacific coast, and this has reduced the fisheries for shrimp, shells and lobsters; floods have increased along with a series of pests that were controlled by the species that inhabited the mangroves.

The Bay of Panama wetland has been a protected area since February 2015, and despite this, the destruction of this ecosystem continues,  caused by the voracity with which human beings deforest the mangrove areas. We pollute the rivers, and we poison the seas with waste. Science has revealed to us that

mangroves are incubators of life, essential to keep oceans clean oceans and to absorb the harmful carbon dioxide that causes climate change. It's time to act because the mangrove is in danger and we as well … LA PRENSA,  Feb.2.

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One of the many destructive forces Panama still has time to stop. Any and all deforestation has the same negative effects. altho mangroves benefit not only the air, but the ocean, and the interactive ecosystems of all life there. As seismic activity increases and weather changes, the mangroves provide a much needed protective barrier both to, and from, the ocean.

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