OPINION: Plastic pollution outweighs benefits

PLASTIC is a product of human creation derived from petroleum. Its use has been fundamental for the economic progress of all countries. With this material you can cover,  store, pack, and preserve, and in its infinite combinations it accompanies and defines contemporary human life from plastic credit cards to even the bottles of water. Without this compound, our daily life would be extremely difficult. All the benefits of plastic cannot compensate for its main disadvantage: Material saturates the landfills, lakes, rivers and seas of the world. Species as diverse as birds turtles, dolphins, whales and fish have been found dead with plastic in their stomachs. By 2050, the planet’s oceans will have more plastic than all animal and plant protein combined. It is time to act, we must be intelligent consumers, and more responsible with the environment and health. To achieve this we need the weight of the law and the real will to change… Hoyporhoy, La Prensa. Aug. 11