Moritorium on Darien logging permits

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Environment Minister, Milciades Concepcion  has declared a one year moratorium, on logging  permits in Darien where  8.1 hectares  of valuable forest are lost every day, and a National Assembly committee installed to monitor the devastation.  

The committee is chaired by  independent deputy, Edison Broce, who said that there has always been talk of Darien but a team has never been created to assess the reality related to logging.

“We cut down our most valuable forests without mercy. Since 2012 we have logged, in Darién, the equivalent of 20,000  football fields  in this province and if we do not something, the damage will be irreversible, ”Broce argued.

In addition, the deputy said that there will be consultations, citations to officials and visits to Darien, in order to gather all possible information related to the issue and prepare a report to be submitted in a month.

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is there not a law requiring the replacement of each tree cut, by planting others? why is this law not enforced? if permits had been issued, certifying the replanting should have been part of the permit process. every person cutting any tree should be held responsible in their community, for providing proof of the replacement trees. in the areas of raspadura production, trees are pirated every day to fuel the process, but none are ever replanted and no one is ever held accountable. there is a large new greenhouse being built above Potrerillos. chainsaws are heard every day, but there's no new replanting and no one asking about it. in the space between the two lanes of the highway from Boquete to David, just below Dolega, there is a new clearing where all the trees have been cut and the land scraped bare. where have the replacement trees been planted? there should be a notice at this site, informing all of us of that location, so we can verify it and ensure accountability. someone from ANAM needs to leave the office, go to every site where there is permitted, or reported, cutting, and enforce the law requiring maintenance of Panama's forests. it is pure stupidity to think we can deforest without changing our climate, or causing desertification. we are intended to be caretakers of our environment, not exploiters of it.

8 months ago
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