La Amistad Park escapes Unesco endangered listing

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LA AMISTAD International Park located between Costa Rica and Panama has escaped, at least for now,   being listed on the UNESCO  list of endangered sites.

The Unesco World Heritage Committee reached the decision on Thursday, July 14 at a meeting in Istanbul, Turkey,

[caption id="attachment_62365" align="alignleft" width="300"]Cabana, Los Quetzales near La Amistad National Park Cabana, Los Quetzales near La Amistad National Park[/caption]

The park, , has been threatened by unregulated development.Ddelegations from both Panama and Costa Rica testified that advances have been made in protecting the park.

Unesco set a date of 2018 for both countries to show continued progress in protecting the park.

In addition, the Unesco committee congratulated Panama and Costa Rica for their efforts in complying with their recommendations about protecting the park.


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