Fresh Panama shrimps off the menu on February 1

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Freshly caught shrimps will be off the menu in Panama restaurants from  February 1 to-mid-April to guarantee the sustainability of this important fishing resource.

The announcement comes from Flor Torrijos, administrator of  Pama’s  Aquatic Resources Authority (Arap)he who said that “during this period the capture of marine shrimp of any species in the entire Republic of Panama is strictly prohibited.

This first period of shrimp closure is carried out with the purpose of giving the species the opportunity to reproduce, thus guaranteeing the resource, Arap, plans to boost shrimp farming in saltwater in Chame, West Panama.

All commercial establishments, fish processing plants, shrimp farm, traders and intermediaries engaged in the commercial activity of the shrimp must have an eye inspection certificate in order to sell the shrimp they had caught before the ban.

The document also allows them to have the guarantee to store the product during the restrictive period.

Those interested, including shrimp farms and larval shrimp production centers, have until January 31, to request the eye inspection of the Arap.

Shrimp farms must present the tentative sowing and harvesting schedule.

The director of the Arap asked consumers that when they go to a restaurant or shop to request certification that the product was captured before the closure period.

The Arap is requesting international funds to grow shrimp in saltwater in Chame, to encourage the repopulation of the species, Torrijos said..

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The remnants of the previous shrimp farming attempt are still there at Punta Chame. The mangroves are already cut down. Poor husbandry resulted in disease which wiped out the shrimp before the first harvest. Buena Suerte

1 month ago
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