Ex Vice President under environmental investigation

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Another high ranking former politician is in the public eye for alleged law breaking, this time for environmental abuses. 

A real estate company owned by former Vice President Alexander Felipe Virzi, is under investigated by the National Environmental Authority (ANAM).
Two former education ministers and a former president and some city mayors are also under investigation along with senior government employees for alleged crimes including corruption and money laundering.
The authority claims that Virzi cleared two hectares of forest and altered the course of a stream to make way for a residential project. The agency says he never submitted an environmental study for the work.
The parcel is located between the residential area of Santa Monica and the city of Santiago.
Neighbors say that work continued at the site even after ANAM ordered it to stop. The work dried up a creek that had fed a natural lake in the area.
The developer has been cited on two previous occasions for doing work without ANAM's approval.
The case has been turned over to the agency's legal department.

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