ENVIRONMENT: Panama’s first biofilter installed

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The first biofilter in Panama installed in the National Transportation Terminal, on Friday, May 17   can purify the air breathed by nearly 2,800 people.

The biofilter is 4 meters high, with 500 liters of licoalga and extracts air from the environment and transforms it into oxygen through photosynthesis.

The equipment works with solar energy and has a capture capacity, equivalent to  368 mature pine trees in a year.

What is sought is the adoption of solutions that do not generate waste, but generate value-added products such as microalgae, which can be used to produce fertilizer or biofuel reports TVN

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Jacques Thibault

Hello, great article. I live in Coronado. Are they expensive? can we buy them? Thanks,

Last year

and yet there are still coal and gas fired power plants, no plans for renewable energies, and no incentives for clean transportation. why spend resources cleaning up messes, while allowing the messes to continue to be created?

Last year
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