ENVIRONMENT: G20  moves on plastic waste

940Views 0Comments Posted 16/06/2019

The end of plastic garbage bags in Panama’s supermarkets is only days away and other countries like Canada and members of the EU are aggressively moving to eliminate plastic use in many sectors.

Each year about 300 million tons of plastic waste is produced, of which eight million tons end up in the oceans, according to the United Nations (UN), which in many cases end up in the stomach of fish and therefore in the human FOOD TRAIN., which makes it a pressing environmental problem.

The adoption of measures is postulated,  as voluntary (each country should report on the progress of the same), and despite agreement on this matter,  reports the EFE News Agency.

,The United States, which withdrew from the climate change agreement reached in Paris in 2016, refused to back the commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The document adopted Sunday today suggests, therefore, that the G20 countries, with the exception of the US, are committed to fully implement the agreement, which seeks to maintain the global increase in temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. to mitigate climate impact.

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