ENVIRONMENT: Bay of Panama improving water quality

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The measurements between 2014 and 2018 of the Panama Bay Sanitation Program, which compare the quality of river waters, streams and relevant points, show that there are important improvements, although they are not yet suitable for human use. The alarming levels of 2014 begin to be history. These improvements are due to the effective management of wastewater from homes and communities that previously dumped them directly into the different bodies of water. For the moment, what could give a sense of confidence is, on the contrary, a warning of how expensive and complex it is to clean up an area contaminated by human neglect. It is not possible to allow the new urbanizations and buildings that are made in Panama to maintain old practices with the management of wastewater and garbage. The great environmental challenge facing the rivers and the bay of Panama is that the inhabitants of these water basins have turned the bodies of water into their landfills. Now the challenge is to work with citizens to learn to respect everyone's environment -  Hoyporhoy,  LA PRENSA. Aug 12

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