Panama’s Ruben Blades named Person of  The Year

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The Latin Recording Academy has named Panamanian vocalist, composer, actor, and activist Rubén Blades Person of the Year 2021 "for his continuous commitment in the fight for social justice", in addition to his artistic achievements, and will celebrate it soon with a tribute concert. Creator of an album as emblematic for its social and political content as "Looking for America", which he recorded in 1984 with the band Seis del Solar, Blades "has been a promoter of positive and significant changes in the Latino communities and beyond. "said the Latin Recording Academy. The institution, which since 2000 has selected Ibero-American heritage musicians as Person of the Year not only for their artistic achievements, but also for their humanitarian efforts, indicated that Blades has supported programs around the world that raise awareness about political oppression, hunger, and poverty.

"Rubén Blades is a truly iconic artist who has inspired generations with the powerful and intelligent lyrics of his songs, and whose genius has promoted justice at all levels of society," said Gabriel Abaroa Jr., president of the Academy Latin Recording."As activism and movements for social justice have dominated our collective conversation over the past year, at this time there is no one more deserving of the Latin Academy Person of the Year honor," Abaroa stressed. For his part, the artist, who in the 80s, together with the trombonist and singer Willie Colón, made an era with salsa songs such as "Pedro Navaja" and "Looking for guava", thanked the Academy for this consideration and told them to share it "with all the people who have helped me throughout "his artistic life.

During his career, he has been the winner of eight Latin Grammy Awards, as well as nine Grammys. As an actor, he was Emmy nominated and has starred in more than 50 movies and television series in English and Spanish, including his acclaimed role as Daniel Salazar on AMC's award-winning series "Fear The Walking Dead."

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None of these awards that the left give themselves mean anything. Obama got a Nobel peace prize and then proceeded to start wars all over the middle eaxt and gave rise to Isis and their rape gangs. The whole political and entertainment industry are perversely intertwined and one filthy hand awards the other.

1 month ago

Another social justice warrior award, big yawn. If this hack cared about human rights he'd be speaking out against the abuses here. The people arrested and frog marched through the streets for not wearing a mask, husbands and wives not allowed to be together, police beatdowns for people out on the wrong day, beaches closed and anyone seeking fresh and and sunshine arrested or worse, the govt raping the public purse while the entire population was on house arrest, small family run businesses destroyed while large supers stayed open. I guess none of that matters in the new leftist utopia. Declare that men are women and all perversions are normal and you too can be eligible for an award from the sick new "woke" crowd.

1 month ago
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