Panama video gets top 10 YouTube ranking

1,689Views 1Comments Posted 07/12/2018

A Panamanian theme is among the 10 most watched YouTube videos of 2018 The song "Give me your little thing"  (went viral after becoming a video in which a green animated character appears and accepts  dances chaallenge .

The song and video by Panamanian music producer and composer Rodney Clark (known as El Chombo ) along with the Jamaican singer  Cutty Ranks,  is one of the 10 most watched contents of 2018 on YouTube, after reaching more than 946,797,000 reproductions.

In its annual count of the most watched videos, YouTube highlighted – in a press release - that the musical contents were the once again most consumed, with t Latin artists, figuring in 8 of the 10 top positions of 2018.

Give me your little thing appears in the seventh place, after becoming a viral phenomenon thanks to a dance challenge of the same name in social networks.

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Richard Charron

Cute but 2 minutes too long.

6 months ago
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