Panama Jockey wins Dubai World Cup

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Luis Sáez from Darien,  riding the exemplary Mystic Guide on Saturday became the third Panamanian rider to win the  2000 meter Dubai World Cup . Sáez, joins Panamanians Alexis Solís, in 2004 and Fernando Jara, in 2017 , in winning. The race paid $12 million to the winner.  According to the equestrian specialist, Jimmy Young, 60% goes to the owner of, Mystic Guide and of that percentage, the Panamanian Luis Sáez, gets 10%. The "Gulf News" highlights that a year after he rode Maximum Security to win the $20 million Saudi Cup in Riyadh,  Sáez proved that he is a man for the big occasions with a highly professional display of riding. aboard a horse that appeared to have been disturbed by an incident in the preliminaries. But once the doors opened for the start of the 2,000-meter race on the dirt track, Mystic Guide settled into his rhythm and always traveled well for Sáez. And when asked about his effort, Ghoszapper's towering son shifted gears like a Formula One car and raced for the line. “The plan was to get in a good position and sit there ," Saez said. “He showed that he is a champion. He is a young horse and can only get better and better.

 "It was my dream as a child to win the Dubai World Cup so this means a lot to me, it is so beautiful," he added, overwhelmed with emotion. “I want to say hi to my wife who couldn't be here today but was watching from home.”

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