Polo, Jazz, And Red Carpet Musical

Weekend polo location

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By Margot Thomas
The coming week in Panama offers fun and relaxation opportunities aplenty, including a Jazz and Blues  Festival, An international red carpet launch of a Panama musical and a fun day at a country club.

International Debut
Panama The Musical written produced and directed in Panama and with a cast packed with talented local performers takes its world bow at a red carpet event at the Teatro Ateneo in the City of Knowledge on Thursday, February 22. The plot is centered on a  flappers era (1927)  love affair between a Zonian and her Panamanian beau who win a songwriting contest destined to bring them fame in New York on the new “fad” radio while a local cabaret owner tries to spike their dreams.

Blues on Volcan Baru
Billed as the biggest  little festival in the world, Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival kicks off with a garden party at a  Finca Lerida - tribute to Rodolfo Chiari - on Thursday February 22 followed by four days of performances  by world-class musicians attracting thousands of visitors to Chiriqui, who also get to taste the world’s best coffee.

Polo and barbecue
If you don’t know what a chukka is and have never  seen a polo match you can  make up both deficiencies  next weekend at a fun afternoon organized by the American Society of Panama (Amsoc) at the Hacienda Country Club in Cerro Azul for a tasty BBQ  lunch and polo match, plus the use of the club’s facilities including golf and swimming pool.

It’s on Sunday, February 25 from 1-5:30 pm. BBQ at 2 pm, polo at 4 pm. The cost is $35 for members of Amsoc and the CanadaPLUS Foundation. $45 for non-members. Kids 7-12, $12, below 7 no charge, You can arrive early and make a day of it. (Oh - a chukka is the length of a playing session during a polo match. It’s also an ankle boot,  often in suede).

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