Panamas Afrodisiaco multi-country tour

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AFRODISIACO, the Panamanian winner of the Festival Viña del Mar  in Chile 2016,  is about to set out on a concert tour encompassing Mexico, Morocco, and Europe

The tour will begin in Morocco with the Entrerritmos, multicultural Festival which celebrates ethnic diversity through music and dance.

The Festival begins on April 26 and ends on May 2.

Aphrodisiaco  will also perform in Larache, Ksar El Kebir and M'dq, winding up with  a presentation in Rabat by the

Embassy of Panama to  the Kingdom of Morocco.

They will then head  to Madrid, Spain where they will perform in concert on  May  3

They return to Panama to perform on  May 6 at Circus Market, Costa del Este Alongside  the American band Karikatura.

They will also perform in the Black Ethnic Month as part of the Africa Festival organized by the Mayor of Panama, with three musical presentations In the neighborhoods of Curundú, Chilibre and Pedregal on 12, 13 and 14 May.

After these commitments, the group will travel to Mexico City,  May 21 - May 28.

After winning the prestigious  International Festival of Song in Viña del Mar 2016 Afrorodisiacoperformed in Mexico, New York and across Panama.

In addition to recording their first album, the band was declared recently "Meritorious Children of the City of Panama" by the Municipal Council.

One of the lead singers, Miroslava Herrera, has twice been an MC at the annual Carols by Candlelight Concert organized by the CanadaPLUS Foundation and sang the Canadian National Anthem, O Canada at The Canadian Thanksgiving dinner in 2016.

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