Panama Jazz musicians in Cairo Festival

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THREE PANAMANIAN  musicians from the Danilo Pérez Foundation will combine with four  Egyptian players to form the  Pan-African Group  at  the  2017  Cairo Jazz from  September 28 to 30.

Violinist Graciela Núñez, singer and bassist Luz Acosta and saxophonist and music therapist Patricia Zárate will constitute the Isthmian delegation which leaves for Egypt on Sep 22.

They will perform on the main stage located in the Greek Campus in the center of the city, along with artists from Denmark, Portugal, Japan, Austria, Czech Republic, Egypt and Australia, among others.

The Panamanian participation will also include music exchange workshops with the Cairo Feminist Union, music therapy sessions and musical performances offered by the Embassy of Panama in Cairo.

The Cairo Jazz Festival was founded in 2009 by the Egyptian pianist Amro Salah, driven by the passion to celebrate jazz and pay tribute to one of the unique forms of music that links the diverse cultures of the planet. With this guiding light, the festival has maintained an international reputation for over eight years and presented the best of jazz with musicians from Spain, Germany, Japan, Morocco, the United States, Lebanon and,  for the second consecutive year, Panama.


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